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"Dr. Sayyad was a lifesaver for my family member who had to undergo a pelvic surgery due to cancer. My family member needed pelvic floor physical therapy and Dr. Sayyad was exactly what we needed! Due to COVID-19, we couldn't go to any clinics.
Dr. Sayyad offered TeleHealth visits, provided individualized video exercises, and checked in frequently to see how things were going.
She is highly knowledgeable and definitely added the personal touch that you don't get anymore.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Sayyad to anyone who's looking for a pelvic floor or generalized ortho physical therapist!!"


"I took an online live class with Dr. Linda Sayyad on the topic of Diastasis Recti. She shows to be very knowledgable and passionate about helping women with this issue and many others. She helped for me to feel absolutely comfortable and most of all, hopeful that I can get better. A lot of her information was very useful to help guide me on the steps that I need to do to take care of myself. Dr. Sayyad is caring, understanding, and knows her stuff!! I would highly recommend any of my friends to her."


"I can't recommend Dr. Sayyad enough!!! I have disk and lower back issues and every single time she has saved me from miserable pain and suffering. She is kind and compassionate and takes the time to really listen. I have never felt dismissed or rushed. I also took her online live class on Diastasis Recti and learned so much regarding post birth pelvic health and workouts to strengthen the muscles. I have been doing the exercises everyday and definitely feel the difference. Dr. Sayyad is truly remarkable."


"I'm so thankful I found Dr. Sayyad! Within one visit I had a significant improvement in my pain. Dr. Sayyad is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease. Additionally, as I started seeing her during the Covid pandemic, I'm impressed with the lengths she goes to to keep her office clean and her patients safe- I feel completely comfortable seeing her for appointments."

Renee M

I have been seeing Dr. Linda once a week for the past 5 weeks to address some postpartum issues. This type of physical therapy is a little more personal, but Dr. Linda is so kind and makes me feel extremely comfortable while in her care. Her office is clean and I feel safe seeing her in person during the pandemic. she is very knowledgeable about techniques/ exercises/ stretches that have strengthened my Pelvic floor and core. I see and feel improvements each week when I visit her. She has also addressed my back issues and neck strain due to breast feeding. I am so grateful I found Dr. Linda! She has already helped so much in such a short amount of time!

Jessica I

I'm very thankful for Dr. Linda and I highly recommend her for postpartum care. I came to Dr. Linda because I had so much pain with my body after giving birth. She did a wonderful job helping me recovering. Dr. Linda is so knowledgeable and helped me with all my concerns as a first time mom. The exercises are easy to do at home and I could feel improvements each session. She also treated my back and neck aches came with breastfeeding, and showed me how to hold my baby right. Dr. Linda is awesome at what she does and I'm so glad I found her.

Nelly M

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