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Dr. Linda Sayyad is the clinic director at FeminoCentric Physical Therapy and Wellness. She is a licensed physical therapist with 9 years of experience treating patients with many different diagnoses. She strongly believes that treatments are more effective when the whole person is treated versus just the body part.  Her main focus is on pelvic floor and orthopedic conditions. As a mother herself to two spunky girls under 5, she was hit with a variety of postpartum issues and could not find the right resources. She knew then that she wanted to focus her career on helping women of all ages, with their postpartum and/or orthopedic issues. Her goal is to empower women to live their best lives, with no limitations.


Dr. Danielle Race graduated from Chapman University with her Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy where she was first introduced to pelvic floor therapy throughout her extensive coursework. She began her career as a PT in nursing homes because she had a passion for helping people maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. But after experiencing her first pregnancy and giving birth to her daughter, she found another passion for helping those with pelvic floor and orthopedic disorders. She saw first hand the lack of education and assistance that women were receiving, and knew that pelvic floor physical therapy should be a more recommended resource. She began her own studies and took many specialized courses on the issues that commonly occur during pregnancy and postpartum to prepare herself, and now strives to help others with the knowledge she gained. She's witnessed many people suffer in silence with issues like incontinence, pelvic pain, and chronic back pain. These people hadn't received treatment because they felt embarrassed or weren't aware that physical therapy could help them. Danielle's mission is to share knowledge and provide quality care so more people get the help they deserve, so that they can confidently return to doing the activities they love.


Jermaine Ang, PT, DPT

Dr. Jermaine Ang earned her Doctoral of Physical Therapy at California State University, Northridge and began her physical therapy career in outpatient, inpatient, home health and acute rehab settings, treating individuals with orthopedic and/or neurologic conditions. With her experience working in different settings, she saw the lack of pelvic health being addressed. After having her baby, she needed pelvic health physical therapy herself and the experience sparked her interest in further pursuing this path and decided to dedicate her career to pelvic health . She is passionate about creating individualized care for patients, as needed to maximize their movement ability and quality of life. Outside of work, you will find Jermaine spending time with her family or exploring different restaurants.

Personalized Care

We believe in treating patients as a whole rather than just as a body part. This means our sessions are one-on-one and only with a licensed professional. We provide our patients with the highest quality of care. Contact us to find more about our services and to discuss how we can help you.

Initial Examination
60 minute session

During your first appointment, your physical therapist will perform an in-depth assessment of  your condition. You will discuss your history, concerns, and symptoms that have brought you into the clinic. Then, your clinician will review your treatment goals, and construct an individualized plan of care. You will also begin on your treatment plan during the initial evaluation.

Follow Up Appointments
60 minute session

Your follow up sessions will include both manual interventions (i.e. myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilization, and Kinesio Taping) and therapeutic exercises to help you with your recovery.

Online Appointments
45-50 minute sessions

Sessions range from 45-50 minutes depending on how much needs to be covered. 
Your clinician will ask about your current symptoms, what's exacerbated your condition, your medical history, and your goals for physical therapy.
You will be guided through particular movements to test range of motion and assess limitations. Then, your clinician will combine all the obtained information into a personalized plan of care. Your therapist will walk you through the exercises and will assess your form. You will also receive a copy of your exercises via email.

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